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Introducing the crew...

Hi. My name is Angela Koch. I ran a tiny studio called ImaginePlaces, based in North London and Cowes|Isle of Wight. 


I often work as a fully embedded member of a design team, leading on the co-design and engagement project elements. Currently, and in that role, I work in York with Mikhail Riches Architects and the City of York Housing Delivery Team on three planning applications and related on two other sites. Supporting the making of Neighbourhood Plans in Poplar, Deptford and Shenley asks for a different kind of skill set and even more co-creation. 

And. Close collaboration with our wonderful friends at Ash Sakula Architects makes always for a stimulating, innovative and creative day in the office. 


As a co-designer,  I thrive when people from all walks of life interact and talk good place-making with each other. Creatively. Inquisitive. Challenging. And shaping decisions on the future of our streets, squares, villages, town centers, towns and cities collaboratively.


This on-line place is our temporary Logbook for the next months of working together. Online. Ahoy! Keep well.  

Angela Koch 
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Co-designer, Neighbourhood Planner. Design South East Design Review Chair. Greater Cambridge Design Review Planel Member. Co-founder 

NeighbourhoodPlanner.London. AoU Academician. Fellow Royal Society of Arts. Loves working with students.   

+ MSc in Applied Geography | Spatial Planning|      

   Regional Economics| University of Trier |

   6 year programme 

+ MSc in Development Planning |              

   Urban Regeneration & Urban Design|UCL, Bartlett


 Current Collaborators 

The wonderful teams at: 

Ash Sakula Architects| Mikhail Riches Architects|

Pollard Thomas Edwards | City of York Housing Delivery Team|Civic Engineers|Mole Architects|

Design South East|Greater Cambridge Planning Services|NeighbourhoodPlanner.London|Shenley Parish Council|Deptford Neighbourhood 

Action| Poplar Neighbours 

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